Roane County Scholarship Foundation

Roane County Scholarship Foundation Inc.


The late Clarence H. Fields, a graduate of Spencer High School and a retired executive of the American Farm Bureau Federation wished to leave the bulk of his estate to provide scholarships to Roane County students. He provided the initiative and his considerable knowledge of organizing non-profit corporations, and Anita Ashley donated her legal services for the incorporation process; and the Foundation was incorporated in August, 1994.


A generous gift in the will of Thelma Belle Shrimplin provides two scholarships annually, and the family of Tim Boothe provides a memorial scholarship. A $2,000 scholarship is provided to honor the memory of Michael David Combs by his family, and the late William B. Young is also honored by his family with an annual scholarship. Dr. Richard and Lois Brown have established a scholarship for students who wish to pursue studies in medicine or the ministry. The local Arts and Humanities Council has established a fund to honor the late Gerald E. Snyder, and the family of Maxine Abbott Hunt provides a scholarship in memory of this former teacher.

The Spencer Rotary Club has established a perpetual scholarship fund, Charles B. Lewis has endowed a scholarship to honor the memory of his wife, Margaret Ruth Lewellen Lewis, Aaron Cottle has established a scholarship fund for nursing students in memory of his mother, Mardel DePue Cottle, and also funds the Aaron D. Cottle Scholarship of Excellence. The wife of Gaynol D. Starcher, a 1932 SHS graduate, endowed a scholarship in his memory. A local business, Contractor Services, Inc., established an engineering scholarship, and the late Thelma Stemple Bell provided generously for a scholarship fund in her will. The parents of Phil Scott, former valedictorian at Spencer High School, provided a memorial gift to endow a $500 award to all future valedictorians.   An anonymous donor endowed the George and Gertrude Moffatt Memorial Scholarship Fund.

In 2004, the family of Roma T. Arnott, long time science teacher at SHS, established a scholarship in his memory. In 2005 the family of Christopher Raines established a scholarship in his memory, and Elsie Daugherty established scholarships in the business and education fields to honor her late husband Virgil.  The Spencer High School Alumni Association has established a scholarship award.  Eva Chapman Baber (SHS 1947) established the Eva Chapman Baber and Evelyn Chapman Whitney Scholarship.  The Ladies Livestock Auxiliary provides $1,000 scholarships to a 4H/FFA members.  Mr. Fields' estate will provide many scholarships in the future thanks to his generous provisions in his will. Beginning in 2009 estate of Sidney Boggs provided generously for scholarships for Roane County students.  The family of former Board member, the late Don McNutt, received memorial donations of over $2,500 and are awarding a four-year scholarship in that amount in 2010.  In recent years, the families of former educators Betsy Atkins, Ronald Stewart, Don Williams have established memorial scholarship funds, and, and the late Jarnetta Jarvis Kroh, a 1948 graduate of Walton High school, established a very generous trust fund for the foundation in her will.

In December 2009,  Judge George Scott gave $1,000,000 to the Foundation to fund memorial scholarships to honor his son Phil. This is the largest charitable gift in the history of Roane County, and it more than doubled the amount available for scholarships. 

Several Roane County school employees give through payroll deductions and several donors make annual contributions. Their gifts and other un-designated donations go into the General Foundation Fund, which provides a $2,000 annual scholarship, renewable for 3 more years for $1,000.

Since its inception in 1994, the Foundation has awarded 676 scholarships and awards worth over $868,000.


The foundation is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors representing a broad range of local groups. The by-laws spell out all operating details of the Foundation, including investment of funds, election of directors, awarding of scholarships, audits, annual reports, etc. The by-laws provide for the creation of special funds to meet the requests of donors who contribute at least $5,000.

It is the aim of the Foundation to award most scholarships from annual dividends on investments in order to create a perpetual scholarship program, although some scholarships will be awarded from current funds in the early years of the Foundation.

Elected officers of the Foundation in 2016-17 are Paul Hughes, President; Anita Ashley, Vice President and Secretary; and Jeanette Atkinson, Treasurer.

An independent Investment Advisory Committee meets periodically to review investment policies and performance. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney currently manages the bulk of the portfolio, which totaled over $1.7 million in June, 2016.


Anita Ashley

Service Organization (Rotary Club)

Tonya Martin


Joe Messineo

Roane County Farm Bureau

Jeanette Atkinson


Paul Hughes

Retired School Employees

Melissa O’Brien

Roane County Schools


Applications are solicited from graduating seniors at Roane County High Sschool, and a Scholarship Selection Committee consisting of members of all major departments of the High School makes the recommendations to the board based on scholastic achievement, leadership and economic need. A point system is utilized to make the system as objective as possible. The four criteria for selection are: high school GPA, ACT or SAT score, School and community activities, and financial need. Highest ranking students receive the most desirable scholarships, with consideration of the specific criteria established by the some of the scholarship sponsors.  The recommendations of the Selection Committee are reviewed by the Board of Directors, which will make the final selections.


People who want to help Roane County students have several ways available through the Foundation:

* You may make a one-time donation.

* You may make regular contributions on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

* You may make contributions in Honor of an individual, organization, or event.

* You may make contributions in Memory of an individual. Families are invited to establish a permanent fund for this purpose. (In Memory cards are available to present to the family of the deceased.)

* You may designate the Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

* You may name the Foundation as a beneficiary in your will.

* You may give “appreciated assets” to the Foundation.

In each case, your gift is an authorized IRS tax deduction. West Virginia residents and businesses may also qualify for credits on state taxes for 50% of donations over $500

For more information, contact Paul Hughes, President,

804 Summit Street, Spencer, WV 25276,

Phone 304-927-2319, or e-mail at [email protected]



                                                   Congratulates the 2016 Scholarship Recipients                                                                 

Clarence H. Fields Memorial      $ 8,000   Sierra Holcomb         West Virginia University        Engineering



General Foundation Scholarship        $5,000   Kurt Shultis      Marshall University       Elec. Engineering


Sidney Boggs Memorial                  $5,000   Riley Keaton               West Virginia University        Economics


Phil Scott Memorial             $5,000   Allison Ross                Marshall University                Pre-Med, biology


Phil Scott Memorial             $5,000   Caitlyn Hudnall          San Juan College                     Vet. Technology


Phil Scott Memorial              $5,000   Phillip Sheets              West Virginia University        Political Science


Phil Scott Memorial             $ 5,000   Brett Miller                  Marshall University                Chemistry


Charles B. & Margaret L. Lewis   $ 5,000  Dylan Harper   West Virginia University   Industrial Engineering


Clarence H. Fields Memorial       $4,000   Emily Smith        West Virginia University        Animal Sciences


Michael David Combs Memorial   $4,000   Riley White      West Virginia University        Biomedical Engr.


Roma T. Arnott Memorial            $4,000   Kamarie Shultis           Marshall University         Biology/Science


Phil Scott Memorial               $3,000   Kansas O’Brien           West Virginia University        Criminal Justice


Phil Scott Memorial               $3,000   Cara Walker                Marshall University                Undecided


Phil Scott Memorial          $3,000   Alexis Saunders          WVU-Parkersburg            Elementary Education


Phil Scott Memorial       $2,000   Alejanddro Rivas-Graham       West Virginia University           Pre-Med


Phil Scott Memorial         $2,000   Laura Boggs                West Virginia University            Neuroscience

Don McNutt Memorial       $1,500   Kelsi Taylor           West Virginia University           Exercise Physiology


Thelma Shrimplin Memorial     $1,000      Mary Kate Westfall    West Virginia University            Nursing


Christopher P. Raines Memorial.    $1,000  Joseph Savard     West Virginia University     Civil Engineering


Spencer Rotary Club Scholarship       $1,000   Brianna Stockner        Marshall University            Nursing


Pauline Coleman Heaton Mem.         $1,000   Josie Cottrell      West Virginia University            Nursing


Ladies Livestock Auxiliary            $1,000   Kelana Martin        Glenville State College          Early Education


Betsy Atkins Elem. Educ. Schol.    $1,000  Hannah Hardman    Glenville State College      Elementary Education


David Hughes Memorial               $1,000   Samantha Crihfield     WVU Parkersburg                   Nursing


Jarnetta Jarvis Kroh Memorial      $1,000   Cole Moore         Marshall University         Exercise Physiology

Phil Scott Valedictory Award        $500  


Don Williams Memorial            $1,000   Olivia White           Marshall University            Science Education


Spencer HS Alumni Assn./      $1,000   Kaitlin Bush    Glenville State College     Early Childhood Education

Wanda Cooper Memorial


Spencer High Class of 1960       $500   Madison Sutphin    West Virginia University    PreMed/Neurology


Tim Boothe Memorial Scholarship       $500 Krystal Webb         West Virginia University          Nursing


WVU Alumni Assn.              $500   Abigail Smith              West Virginia University        Veterinary Medicine


Gaynol D. Starcher Memorial        $500   Nikita Cantley    Marshall University       Physical & Life Science


George & Gertrude Moffatt Mem.   $ 500   Kiersten Bennett   West Virginia University   Music Education


Mardell DePue Cottle, RN, Nursing   $500  Cassidy Bowling  West Virginia University PreMed/Chemistry


Mardell DePue Cottle, RN, Nursing      $500      Skylar Good          West Virginia University        Nursing


Mardell DePue Cottle, RN, Nursing      $500      Zoe Walls              West Virginia University        Nursing


Dr. Aaron D. Cottle Schol. of Excel.    $500  Austin Cox  West Virginia University   Aerospace Engineering


Dr. Aaron D. Cottle Schol. of Excel.   $500  Kelcie Metz          Davis & Elkins College          Criminal Justice


Dr. Aaron D. Cottle Schol. of Excel.   $500     Caleb Boggs     West Liberty University         Criminal Justice


Ronald Stewart Memorial        $500      Makayla Smith            WVU Parkersburg            Div. Agriculture


Family Health Care    $500      Bethany Higginbotham     Glenville State College      Elementary Education


Phil Scott Valedictory Award           $500     Camden Moore          Marshall University                Undecided


                                                                                Total        $87,000      42 Scholarship Awards


Renewals of Prior Year scholarships:

Clarence H. Fields:     2013 Adrianna Carpenter  $2,000

                                     2014 Callie Moles                  “   , Brad West  $1,000

                                     2015 Robert Pavalok              “     Sara Chapman  “             

General                      2013 Ashley Boggs                 $1,000

                                    2014 Melissa Ashman       “   

                                    2015 Alyssa Boggs                      “

Phil Scott Memorial  2013  Kaitlyn McKown, Nathan Lewis, Doug Smith, Destinee Starcher  $1,000

                                    2014 Morgan McMinn, Kennedy Roberts  $1,000

                                    2015 Brianna Batten, Brooke Cornelius, Morgan Snodgress, Kylie Goodson, Ben Daniels, Emily Burke, Samantha Aretz  $1,000

Sidney Boggs Mem.     2013  Emily McClain  $1,000

                                       2014 Natosha Alvis            “

                                       2015 Randall Miller          “

Con Serv Engineer.     2013 Stevie Biederbach      “

Michael D. Combs      2014 Casey Lassiter          “

Dr. R. L. & Lois Brown   2013 Kayla King  $1,500

Thema S. Bell Mem       2013 Anna Tupper, 2014 Matthew Hays, 2015 Genevieve Hoolahan  $1,000


804 Summit Street, Spencer WV  25276   304-927.2319      [email protected]

By Paul Hughes and Tina Riley

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